My First Candle!

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Maybe, this year, we are being pushed outside our comfort zone in order to grow, in order to change for the better.

My starter candle making kit has arrived!

You may be thinking I'm crazy for "starting a business" before even knowing if I enjoy making or am any good at making candles.

And you may be right. But I'm thinking: what do I have to lose?

Right now I have less than $100 invested in Moore Positive Vibes most of which I would have spent any way on the candle making kit.

However, if today goes well I am prepared to double that investment and begin making candles for purchase. I've already researched buying wax, fragrance, and supplies wholesale.

 Head over to my Instagram page: Moore_positivevibes to watch the video of how making my first candle goes  

It wasn't horrible, but it also didn't go perfectly.

A few takeaways:

-If you notice I start with one pot and end with another. That is because I wasn't sure how to keep my wax container stable so that the wax would melt evenly inside the pot. I need to do someone research on that.

-I need to invest in a better thermometer. I was supposed to pour my fragrance in at 185 degrees, but according to my thermometer the wax never got above 183. Also, steam is really hot! So holding my hand over the wax to check the temperature is not ideal. I eventually left the thermometer in the container but then the temperature started decreasing.

-My math was off. This isn't surprising; I've never been good at math. My fragrance to wax ratio is too low (I think). So when the candle sets the fragrance won't be very strong. Also I only melted about half the wax I needed.

So I decided to melt more wax (I didn't measure) and just add it in. I still didn't melt enough.

-It really wasn't that hard (beside the math) and it didn't take a lot of time. Which is exactly what I'm looking for. Something I can do at home (maybe with my kids) that isn't too involved. I can totally see myself doing this while I help them with homework, or after they go to sleep.

Hopefully in about 5 hours the candle will set and when I light it, it will smell wonderfully.

5 hours later...

It's a candle and it burns!!

The smell is not strong enough for me to consider selling, but I'm happy I made my first candle.

I think part of the problem with this candle is the quality of the fragrance. At least I'm hoping that's the problem because I just placed my first wholesale order!

I'm going to keep playing with measurements and temperatures until I get it right. Hopefully in a matter of weeks I'll be ready to start selling.

Cheers to what's to come- Moore Positive Vibes.


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